Ziferblat Nizhny Kovalikhinskaya

Freespace Ziferblat is a secwm0bopBw8Boond home for many people in town. It is a different place for each person who comes in. It can be calm and quiet or noisy and fun, so everyone can make it what one wants it to be.

Ziferblat is a cozy shared apartment with several rooms , with each one having its own style and character.

In the morning you can peacefully work, do some projects, read a book and play many different instruments. In the evening you can attend lectures, workshops, speaking clubs or just enjoy fun times with friends.

Besides, each guest can easily be a part of Ziferblat by helping us out with everyday stuff, such as showing other guests around, drawing posters or keeping the place in order, in other words, be a Ziferblat’s volunteer.

You can drink tea or coffee and eat sweets and cookies as much as you want. We will happily show you the process of making coffee, and so next time you come over, you are free to make it yourself.

Everything is free except the time in Ziferblat. By paying for the time you contribute to this project and its further development.